Voice recognition and speaker authentication:
Using artificial intelligence to improve process efficiency

Speech is the most important form of communication; there is no other way to convey specific content in such a fast and targeted manner. As a result, the need for computer-aided natural language recognition is growing with increasing digitalization. This allows those processes that inevitably contain speech sounds to be partially or even completely automated, making them much more efficient, cost-effective, and convenient.

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has led to a breakthrough in command and dialog systems, creating new possibilities for natural language interfaces. Typical examples are telephone information systems, voice control in automobiles in addition to the extensive functions of Siri, Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Completely new areas of application also arise for insurance companies and financial service providers, especially if the interpretation of the natural language word (speech recognition) is supplemented by additional speaker authentication. In this case, individual characteristics of the human voice are used to confirm a person’s identity. This enables, e.g.

  • automatic identification via telephone:
    By using speaker authentication, end customers can be identified solely with their own voice, rendering the use of PINs or password for this purpose unnecessary. Customer service agents no longer need to authenticate the caller themselves and can proceed to handling the requests without further delay. This ultimately results in a higher customer throughput and allows for the reallocation of staff resources while the end customer benefits from increased convenience.
  • automatic initiation and execution of processes:
    The combination of speech recognition and speaker authentication creates synergies that allows processes to be fully automated and thus independent of the time of day and employee workload. Customers can now reset their access data for online platforms (banking, etc.) without involving a service agent, or initiate address changes without being connected to the Internet.

Only artificial intelligence can ensure the quality and security required for the operation of such technologies. While speech recognition by AI is already as good as speech recognition by humans, an even higher success rate is possible for AI speaker authentication.

The services we offer include the customer-specific analysis of existing infrastructures with regard to its expandability by AI, the planning and implementation of a proof-of-concept, as well as the complete support from project planning to the roll-out of a fully operational system.

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Authors: Kevin Jasberg (Data Scientist), Dr. Arno Rasch (Principal Consultant),
Dr. Paul Springer (AI & ML Expert)